Gabangare is an investment company with its roots deeply within the region of West Africa. These roots form the basis of success for the projects and participations in which Gabangare plays a role. Through its subsidiaries, Gabangare participates in projects and companies which fit within the philosophy, strategy and policy of Gabangare and give Gabangare a respected position among its markets of activity within West Africa.

Gabangare is currently one of the most active investors in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. Next to its activities in Equatorial Guinea, Gabangare is also active in several other business areas in additional West African countries, such as Cameroon, Gabon and Ghana and is aiming to expand its business activities further in the West African region.

Regional Offices

Equatorial Guinea

Malabo II

Sonagas Building




Tel: +240 222 631 195

Head Office


Gabangare Holdings Ltd

Promahon Eleftherias 33, Deana Block 1, office 312

Agios Athanasios, 4103 Limassol


Tel: +35725823070


Ambassadorial Street 118

East Legon, Accra

C-T 2000 Cantonment Accra


Tel: +240 222 631 195


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