Investment Strategy

The basic philosophy for each project in which Gabangare participates lies in having knowledge of the business in which it invests. Based on this philosophy, Gabangare participates in markets in which it has strong network relations and its team members have adequate experience and knowledge.

Established on its investment philosophy, Gabangare has defined several business areas in which Gabangare or its subsidiaries are active within the geographical region of West Africa. Placed on the defined strategic value of a project for its total scope of activities, Gabangare participates in projects on both a build and hold strategy or a build and harvest strategy

Gabangare strategically has the belief that alliance and cooperation can create great benefits for all involved parties in such cooperation. Therefore, Gabangare strategically welcomes possibilities for cooperation on projects in which parties combine their resources, knowledge and relations to create added value. The basis for all the participations is formed by the organization of Gabangare and its subsidiaries. The organization of Gabangare and its subsidiaries is built up around project teams which consist of well-experienced members in the field of the markets in which Gabangare is active, combined with members skilled and experienced in finance and management.

Last update 02-01-2011

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