Investment Operations

To convert it’s strategy into successful operations within the fields in which Gabangare desires to be active, Gabangare focuses on the establishment of well staffed supporting organizations which are able to support the local companies during the start of their activities and further support them in these activities and the communication with stakeholders in their region.

Currently Gabangare has created supporting organizations in Equatorial Guinea and Ghana, from which offices the participations within the country and region are supported and managed.

The success of this organizational approach by Gabangare is illustrated by the fact that since the start of the activities in Equatorial Guinea the regional office in Malabo has been actively involved in the development of the activities in agriculture, contruction, rental, leisure, banking and transportation in Equatorial Guinea. Also by the presence of a strong central organization Gabangare is able to start up new activities with international partners, which partners are not strong enough to start-up a new organization in the region on their own.

The central support organizations together with their managed participations also create visibility for Gabangare for other potential project partners, not only in EG and Ghana, but also mainly in West-Africa.

Last update 02-01-2011

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